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El idioma de este libro es Inglés, por lo tanto se requiere tener conocimiento de este idioma para sacarle provecho. No disponible en Español.
Learn Japanese language and culture with this collection of 10 famous Hatsune Miku’s songs, a nursery rhyme and an original composition.
Each song (with one exception) shows 1) the original Japanese lyrics 2) how to read the lyrics in Romanized script; 3) the English translation, 4) a commentary on Japanese language or culture reflected in the lyrics, and 5) conversation practice with Hatsune Miku. Recordings of all the lyrics and of the Japanese conversation are downloadable with a music card SONOCA.
◇Includes our own exclusive recording of the popular VOCALOID producer, teaeye: original «Meguri, natsu» (The Wheel of Seasons: Summer)

◇Original Miku illustrations for the cover and SONOCA card by borbone

◇Download voice recordings to practice Japanese conversation with Hatsune Miku
As the songs are introduced and explained in English, it’s a perfect introduction to Hatsune Miku overseas.
List of songs:
1. Haro / Hawayu
2. Desktop Cinderella
3. Haru ga kita (Japanese nursery rhyme)
4. Hajimete no oto
5. Saihate
6. Tell Your World
7. Rimokon
8. Soyokaze Drive
9. Sakura no ame
10. Meguri, natsu (exclusively composed for this book)